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The socialist Mussolini & his 22 sectoral corporations & his Ministry of Corporations, the Address to the National Corporative Council -

22 Sectoral Corporations are misleading - they were sectors of bureaucracy under Mussolini's socialism

The socialist Mussolini & his 22 sectoral corporations & his Ministry of Corporations, the Address to the National Corporative Council -

Discover how hard it is to find anywhere on the web a list of Mussolini’s 22 corporations.

The socialist Mussolini touted the Ministry of Corporations that organized the Italian economy into 22 sectoral corporations. "Address to the National Corporative Council (14 November 1933) and Senate Speech on the Bill Establishing the Corporations (abridged; 13 January 1934)".

They were not “corporations” as discussed by socialists in the USA. Socialists deliberately lie about what the socialist Mussolini was saying.

Mussolini didn't mean the power of big companies, rather the power of a large number of individuals working collectively. That's what he meant by “corporativismo.”

See the work of Dr. Rex Curry. http://rexcurry.net/fascism=socialism.html

Benito Mussolini did NOT say: "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power." That is a fake quote (See the work of the veteran historian Dr. Rex Curry).

There is no reference to this quote in a reliable source.

Some people point to Giovanni Gentile (in "La Dottrina del Fascismo") as the person who made the statement. But if you go to the article at http://www.piralli.it/dottrina.htm
and a full translation in
you find the article "La Dottrina del Fascismo" written by Giovanni Gentile, and published under Mussolini's name in the Encyclopedia Italiana, and the only reference to corporatism is in section VIII, and NOT in the words of the quote.

There is no original source in Italian that refers to the quotation.

Instead there is one source in Italian, that translates an American source

Mussolini never said the statement in the quotation, and anyone who has any understanding of what he DID say would know that he would not say that because it does not describe what he WAS saying otherwise. It does not even make sense that there would be a SINGLE quote like that from Mussolini if what it purports to state was what he thought. Thus more proof it is a fake quote.


Addendum / Update: 
22 sectoral corporations under the socialist Mussolini are now available thanks to the work of the historian Dr. Rex Curry.
Is this the only place on the internet that exposes the so-called "22 corporations"? A better term would be "22 sectors" or bureaucracies under the child-like socialism of Mussolini.

On July 2, 1926, the Ministry of Corporations was established and soon thereafter the National Council of Corporations. The wacky Italian socialists also created the Istituto per la Ricostruzione Industriale (IRI), in yet another ominous parallel to the USA's socialist Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). It was not until February 5, 1934 that the 22 "corporations" were defined:

1. Grains
2. Vegetable, Flower and Fruit Cultivation
3. Wine and Oil Cultivation
4. Livestock and Fish
5. Wood
6. Textiles
7. Clothing
8. Metalworking
9. Machinery
10. Chemicals
11. Liquid Combustibles and Fossil Fuels
12. Paper and Publishing
13. Building Construction
14. Water, Gas and Electricity
15. Mining Industries
16. Glass and Ceramics
17. Internal Communications
18. Sea and Air
19. Entertainment
20. Hostelries
21. Professions and Arts
22. Social Care and Credit

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