Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Swastika symbolism and the Maybach emblem expose frightening chapters of history and symbology. rexcurry.net/maybach-car-pictures.html

The Maybach's double-M symbol exposes the swastika as double-S letters for "socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party, as shown in the work of the noted symbolist Dr. Rex Curry. rexcurry.net/maybach-car-pictures.jpg

The following is another graphic example of the symbolism of the swastika. rexcurry.net/swastika3swastika.jpg

The following is an additional graphic examples of the symbolism of the swastika rexcurry.net/swastika-vw-logo.JPG

Volkswagen also supports Dr. Curry's discoveries. rexcurry.net/bookchapter4a1a2a.html

Audi also provides support. rexcurry.net/bookchapter4a1a2a1.html

Trabant provides additional evidence in support. rexcurry.net/trabant-sachsenring-rex-curry.html

The Krit Motor Car Company of Detroit supports Dr. Curry's discoveries. It was an American car that bore a swastika long before it was associated with German cars and the Volkswagen VW. rexcurry.net/krit_motor_car_company_detroit.html

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